Optics Camera

With so many large format cameras in the market, cinematographers have access to a new set of tools which can aid in creating unique imagery. This video examines some of the differences in spacial relationships when using various sensor sizes.

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Seminar: 5 Pillars of Anamorphic

Explore the unique aesthetic characteristics of anamorphic cinematography as Panavision’s Dan Sasaki explains the five pillars of anamorphic. The Artistry of Anamorphic demonstrates how anamorphic lenses offer a natural organic look for images shot with film and digital cameras.

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Panavision’s optics expert Dan Sasaki talks about the aesthetic distinctions of anamorphic lenses.

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Seminar: Large Format and Lens Variation

Large Format and Lens Variation Pt. 1 Large Format and Lens Variation Pt. 2

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Seminar: Depth Cues

Depth Cues: Stereopsis, Perspective, Shading, Haze, Occlusion, Relative Motion

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